Tieraney + Josh Craig

Tieraney’s love for all things historic downtown and Josh’s passion for exceptional craft beer married into the perfect union–Quincy Brewing Company. By day Josh works as V.P. of Operations at Craig Industries, another family owned downtown business specializing in cold storage. Tieraney is a photographer/designer/marketer by trade, but is focusing all her love at QBCo currently. They purchased and completely renovated the three storefronts housing Quincy Brewing Company as well as the five apartments above the business.

Jim Robesky

Jim has a 25 year passion for brewing and is Head Brewer at Quincy Brewing Company. Before QBCo, Jim worked on his 10 gallon system at home designing every conceivable style from ales, lagers and IPAs to sours, gosés and even exotic styles using chocolates, fruits and coffees.