Take me back Tuesday

Some days a quick look back from where we have come fuels the final run to what’s ahead. When we purchased 110 N 6th, we were oblivious to the tin ceilings, beautiful brick and hardwood floors that lay beneath. Pictured below was one of our first times walking through the space. And below that, lies where we are now. Not nearly complete, but at a juncture where our perspective has shifted. Quincy Brewing Company is no longer just a dream. We have the space. We have a vision. This historic downtown structure will soon invite our community to come, sit. Enjoy handcrafted beer. Develop community. Enjoy one another’s company. Soon Quincy… we’ll be inviting you to share this room with us.

3 thoughts on “Take me back Tuesday”

  1. This is amazing, guys! I can’t believe how far it’s come. How cool is it to look back and see your progress?!

  2. The masonry work going on is impeccable! I was absolutely shocked to see flawless work, bringing the old and brick restoration together like it has always been there. I am in such anticipation of the development of the physical building!

  3. I am so excited to see the finished results!!! So proud of you and Josh!

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